That damn spray can straw!

Article Updated 11/02/25

Like most hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, I have a collection of various kinds of chemicals contained in spray cans such as lubricants, protectants, cleaners and so on.

Quite a few of these cans come with those little application straws.   What really annoys me is buying a spray can of something and forgetting to check if the straw hadn’t fallen off or been removed, or losing that damned little straw!

One simply can’t exchange one straw for another due to cross contamination and sizing is also another rather annoying issue!

For example, I measured a spray straw from a WD40 can with digital calipers and found that the diameter was rougly 2.11 mm.  Then I measured a spray straw from a can of store brand silicone lubricant.  2.22 mm.  Argh!

I try to save those little red straws whenever I can but there’s still the sizing and cross contamination issues.  I’ve found some places selling replacement straws in packages but they mostly seem to be sized for WD40 cans. I.e. 2.11 mm.

I really wish manufacturers would settle on some level of standardized sizing for both the nozzles and these damned little straws!

Update 11/02/25:

I thought I should update this article with useful links I’ve found.   Please note that I’m not affiliated with any of these sites, retailers and people.

E-Bay was my first try but the search results were rather disappointing.

At the time of my search, I only found this one listing that was selling “Reddy Straws”.   Once again, the retailer fails to list the actual outer diameter of the straw itself.   I really wish they would include that information.

A company called “Little Red Straw” sells replacement straws.

Unfortunately, they don’t have an assortment of diameters and they don’t list the diameter of the straw they sell.   But it’s yet another alternative.

Some people suggest using “craft straws” as replacement straws:

They’re usually hollow and are standard in size that coincides with many spray can nozzle straw ports.

But a problem comes from not knowing if the plastic used in these hobby straws can withstand whatever chemical you’re spraying through them.   The same goes for “cocktail straws”, which was another suggestion.

Found information on this handy doodad called Hold-It:

If you haven’t lost your spray can straw already, then this straw strap looks like it’ll ensure you don’t lose it again— unless you lose the spray can itself. :-)

I usually secure my straw using two rubber bands wrapped around the can, or some adhesive tape.  But sometimes I get a bit of the chemical I’m spraying onto the spray can itself, and this gets onto the rubber bands or tape.  Depending on the chemical in the can, the rubber bands and tape can be compromised.

If Hold-It is chemically resistant, then it looks like a good alternative to rubber bands and tape.   Check out the Hold-It site  Amazon or Lowes if you wish to order.

I’ll update this article if I find any more alternatives.

8 thoughts on “That damn spray can straw!”

  1. ya, Need a Place where I can buy a assortment of various diameter of sizes, I have so many different cans and keep loosing them, just need a handful of sizes. Anyone know where I can buy a bunch? thanks Al

    1. Hi Al.

      I’ve updated the article with some links but I’ve still been unable to find anyone who sells a variety of diameters.

      Retailers of replacement straws tend to only carry the diameter used on WD40 cans, presumably because WD40 is such a common product.

      We may have to resort to contacting the respective manufacturers of the spray product just to get the right sized straws for each of their spray can products.

  2. Thanks for checking us out. Yes Nebulous, we went for the popular size. Thanks to your thoughts, we are now trying to find various sizes and maybe soon we will be able to offer a package. We are trying to fill the need because we have had the same problems with straws. One day, we got mad enough to try to fix the problem for others. Good luck!

  3. Nebulous: This reply is not for posting on your site; rather it’s FYI

    (comment content deleted)

    Anyway, thanks again for giving us the link. Really appreciate.
    All the best to you.

  4. Found a product on eBay via a website called

    2 metre length of wd40 tube you can then cut to any length (super handy) AND they supply a spare spray tube cap in case the tube doesn’t fit some other can you wish to use it on (degreaser, fly spray, chain lube etc)

    Just go to eBay and search for ‘spraysnake’ .

    Very handy little gadget.

    1. Thanks Jayd! That’s very helpful information!

      I hope Spraysnake has plans to offer multiple diameters.

      1. Quick update on this post…

        Update: Spraysnake is no longer on ebay…

        Good news is – you can buy it direct from !

        What different diameters were you thinking of? SpraySnake comes with a spare spray can nozzle/cap that allows you to fit it to pretty much any spray can!

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