Fallout: New Vegas – Nevada Skies Weather Mod

Fallout: New Vegas – Nevada Skies Weather Mod

Nevada Skies Weather Mod

The Fallout modding community steps up again to fill in the gaps left by the developer.   Mod creator ‘Yossarian’ has developed a new lighting and weather systems mod for Fallout: New Vegas and it really kicks the immersion up a notch!

Check out the demonstration video of a sandstorm rolling in…

The mod is quite impressive as it adds new sound effects and up to 30 new weather system variants.   The weather does affect the behaviour of non-player characters who seek cover during storms and constant exposure to sandstorms can reduce armour condition.

Note: Yossarian stated in the comments that the demo video was made with a slightly older version of the mod when the non-player character behaviour hadn’t been coded in yet.   But with the current version, you do see NPCs react to the weather.

Detection ranges and the ability to sneak improves during adverse weather so weather now has a strategic element.    During one game, I sneaked into the town of Cottonwood Cove that had been annexed by the Legion, who was hostile to me.

I sneaked in at night, just as a sandstorm started to roll in and began to assassinate the town garrison one by one with a suppressed .22 caliber pistol— black-ops style!    The improved sneak and lower detection ranges made the assault a far less suicidal endeavor.

The lighting system has also been modified to be more realistic a well.  Nights are darker and exterior artificial lighting is more intense in appearance when viewed from the dark to reflect how the pupil is more dilated at night.

I highly recommend you give this New Vegas mod a try.  You’d be amazed at how it can improve the immersion factor.   It really makes the Mojave Wasteland come alive!

You can find the Nevada Skies mod here.

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